Wrapped, hand-tied and delivered….

Wrapped, hand-tied and delivered…. That is how your Real Girls package will arrive at its destination. 

Not your ordinary, boring, plain brown packaging.  Whether you purchase for yourself orReal Girls wrapping are buying for a friend, Real Girls Deliveries come specially wrapped in its own unique way.

Upon receipt of your package and opening the box, you are expecting to see your items wrapped in plastic like a usual online store.  But that’s not the Real Girls way, instead you pull out a Chinese laundry style wrapping with a hand-crafted string bow.  If you are giving the item as a gift, there is no reason for re-wrapping.  If you have purchased for yourself, it’s better than opening a Christmas gift; you want to take your time unwrapping as you savor the sexiness & excitement that will soon be revealed!

Other extras that are a part of the Real Girls package is a confidential mailing label ~ no one will know where it’s from except you; within the wrapping you will find your purchases cased in luxurious tissue paper; and the packing slip includes detailed information including a easy return label.

This is just the beginning Real Girls Lingerie has to offer you – and that is all before you have even seen what is inside the package! It’s is somewhat similar to getting a little blue box with a white ribbon…you know where it is from…but what is inside?

The great thing is that the lingerie isn’t for those “models,” come ‘on girls – you know the ones…this is for the “real” women out there – the ones that have curves…the “better than model type kinda girls.” To be able to look sexy no matter what lingerie you are wearing…well that is exactly what you get with Real Girls Lingerie from the packaging to the fine quality items – it’s the whole shabang!

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