Accessories to Undergarments – Fall Styling Tips

Last night it was completely dark outside by 7:35pm; gone are the long summer days.  Soon the warm temperatures will be leaving too.  With this seasonal changes we will Select the right bra & panty for fallreplacing our carefree summer wardrobe with the structured outfits of fall and winter – time to bring those  close fitting sweaters, blazers, and blouses back out.

With the seasonal change in attire, you should also be considering how this impacts your undergarments.  Selecting the right bra & panty foundations, greatly changes how the outfit will look on you.  Wearing the right size bra will perk up the girls, allowing you to show off your figure and curves in a discreet but auspicious manner.  While choosing the right size and style of panty Fall fashions look better with quality bras - Claudettecan minimize bulges, eliminate panty lines and can make your booty look “just so” under the more tailored fall fashions.

What are some other ways to look your best in the fall?

  • Wear outfits that are appropriate for the weather – Unless an Indian summer is going on, wearing shorts or a sundress with bare legs, often times will make you look cold and uncomfortable.  Fall days with their cool morning and evenings but warning afternoon also call for layering blouses, sweater, jackets or scarves to keep you comfortable and ensure your fashion corresponds to the weather, all day long.
  • Don’t be afraid of color and textures – Although black never goes out of style, wearing bold reds and blues will show your vibrancy, whereas unique and bulky textiles will present an air of creativity.
  • Accessorize!! – In Summer accessories may seem out of place, often making an outfit look over thought but large jewelry, large leather purses, tights & leggings look spot on in the cooler days of fall and winter.
  • Update your makeup – Even for the day look, fall makeup is more formal.  Don’t’ be afraid to let your summer tan fade.  After a summer outdoors your skin may have benefit from a foundation that hydrates your skin, this will also help in anticipation of the dry winter months ahead.  Use a pop of color on the cheeks to give yourself that just came in from the outdoors look, and intensify eye liners and colors.

However, you chose to update your style as we roll into autumn, consider your ensemble from shoes to head-wear and foundations to accessories to portray the YOU, you want to be!

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