When to clean up your lingerie drawer?

When most of us passed into adulthood we lost the ability to spend our summer days filled only with enjoying the sun and spending time with friends.  Summer instead takes on a different role, wound around our jobs and responsibilities; captured mostly in snippets of a weekend spent outside or a barbeque after work.  And even though we don’t get to experience that full summer fun like when did as  children,  the end of summer still symbolizes that back to school feeling and a return to indoor living and a more structured lifestyle.

Buy new panties at back to schoolFor the parents of school aged children, back to school means new backpacks, lunchboxes, socks and shoes.  Like replacing smoke detector batteries with the annual time changes, starting a tradition to replace our worn “necessities” during back to school season makes sense too.  Many of us live by grandma’s old saying “you should discard your panties once a year, whether you need to or not”.    If you have a specific time each year to do refurbish your intimates drawer, you can easily follow grandma’s advice.  Besides every woman feels prettier and more confident with a new collection of bras and panties, it’s another one of life’s simple pleasure.

You want to purchase a fresh collection of basic lingerie, but not sure what you need?  Experts say the at a minimum a women’s lingerie wardrobe should consist of 4 pairs of panties, 2 everyday bras, and a evening bra.  Extras include a strapless bra and sports bra, as well as different sorts of panties, like support or no line, for special occasions.  If you are like most of us who don’t want to do laundry every few days or want specific bras for different outfits, your lingerie wardrobe will be larger.

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