Real Girls ~ not your average lingerie

Are you average?  When I hear someone talking about the “average women”, I’m pretty sure that the people who say this would consider me part of the “average women” group.  But I don’t feel very average, I feel like I have a lot of unique attributes from my smile to what I contribute to my family and community to my corky personality.  Being called average, doesn’t make me feel very special.

Real Girls gets much the same treatment…  Because we cater to the Missy size 8 to 18 figure which makes up the majority of the all females in the United States, Real Girls is often considered average lingerie for the average women.  Like Real Girls knows each of you is not average, Real Girls is not average lingerie either.

What makes Real Girls special:

  • Designed for the “average women” who is a Missy size 8 to 18.  Whereas most clothing is made for the Project Runway model size who few of us are.
  • Designed with an emphasis towards the hourglass figure, full busted shape, and anyone who desires bust support lingerie providing function without scarifying style.  Companies design with the professional model in mind lose the unique characteristics of these figures.
  • We select fine fabrics for our lingerie including 100% charmeuse silk and ultra-soft mesh.
  • Real Girls is proud to provide made in the USA lingerie to ensure quality craftsmanship and our ability to actively participate in the production process.  When you produce overseas, you able to see the day to day development and might not know about a production issue until the finished products are received back in the states.
  • Real Girls cares about customer service.  From when you place your order at the easy to use website, your product is usually shipped within one business day in safe & secure packaging.  When you receive your package you will find your Real Girls purchased in Chinese laundry wrapping which feels like a special gift for you.

Our lingerie is available exclusively on the Real Girls e-boutique website at  We have the average lingerie that will make your average figure feel extra special when you slip into it.

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