The Hourglass Figure – how to dress, what to know

Part of being a Real Girl is knowing your body shape, embracing your figure and knowing how to dress the part.  An hourglass figure is similar to a diaquiri glass ~ fuller lingerie for an hourglass shapethrough the hips and bust, while the waist remains narrow.  Although, Real Girls lingerie looks great on other body types, we cater to the hourglass shape.

Throughout the decades we have seen hourglass-shaped celebrities = Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Susan Summers, and Mariah Carey.  There has recently been a resurgence of popularity for the curvy figure with help from stars like Scarlett Johannson and Beyoncé.

If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, stylists recommend that to dress your part and accentuate your features stick with tailored pieces.  Wrap blouses or  dresses will emphasize your bust line and taper your narrow waist.  Items that cinch in under the bust and flair in an a-line fashion are especially flattering.  If you are an hourglass figure, it’s best to avoid loose fitting clothes or blousy pieces that cut at the hipline.

Remember, you are blessedwith curves…flaunt them!

Is there any special considerations someone with an hourglass figure should take?  If you are thinking about starting a new fitness routine, be mindful on not adding extensive muscle to your shoulders and thighs which would further extenuate the classic shape.

Show your support - support the hourglass figure teeThe Sexy Hourglass ~
The hourglass figure exudes sex appeal.  But why is that?  In a recent study by, said men who were shown pictures of women with an hourglass figure received a response in their brain similar to that of a high from a drug.   It’s nice to know that men get a natural high when they are around Real Girls :-)

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