Valentine’s Day Trivia from Real Girls

It’s Valentine’s Day TRIVIA time  - Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world.  How much do you know about this special holiday?

1. When were Sweetheart Conversation Hearts candy created?

a.  1887     b. 1909     c.  1902     d. 1917

2.  What original conversation heart  saying are still be used today?

a.  Be Good     b.  Be True    c.  Kiss Me     d. All of the above

3.  How many Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year?

a.  50 million     b.  2 billion    c.  5 billion     d. 900 million

4.  What can you purchase from Lucy van Pelt, from the Peanuts comic strip for 5¢?

a.  Kisses    b.  psychiatric help   c.  hugs   d.  advice

5.  Who is Cupid?

a.  The Roman God of Love    b.  The Greek God of Passionate Sexual Love
c.  A winged baby Hallmark conceived    d.  An Irish Fairy

6.  Why is the red rose associated with love?

a.  It’s based on the red apple from Adam & Eve
b.  Robert Burns’ poem the Red Red Rose
c.  Aphrodite, the goddess of love
d.  Results of FTD’s 1910 marketing strategy

7.  Who is Saint Valentine?

a.  A Saint who was killed helping Christians escape from Roman prisons
b.  A Roman priest who continued to perform marriages, after Emperor Claudius II
decided single men make better soldiers
c.  The Patron Saint of Love
d.  It’s a mystery

8.  Why is chocolate given on Valentine’s Day?

a.  Chocolate was an original form of Aztec currency and evolved into a way to buying someone’s love & affection
b.  Chocolate has always been associated valuable, divine, and decadent making it the perfect accompaniment to Valentine’s Day.
c.  The chemical phenylethylamine found in chocolate causes aphrodisiac feelings in
d.  Cadbury chocolate company founded the tradition in the 1860s when they  first heart shaped candy box

9.  What is the most popular gift for him on Valentine’s Day?

a.  Book or DVD    b.  jewelry
c.  cologne or grooming supplies    d.  candy or chocolate

10.  What is Real Girls #1 suggestion for a Valentine’s gift for her?

a.  Silk Chemise   b. Flirty mesh camisole   c.  Sexy Dessous bra   d.  we can’t decide


——————– ANSWERS ——————–

1.  C = Sweetheart Conversation Hearts candy were created by NECCO in 1902
2.  D = Be Good, Be True,  and Kiss Me are some of the original Sweetheart conversations that are still being used today.  Throughout the years, sayings have included FAX ME and LOL, and even Top Chef.  You can submit your sayings suggestions at:
3.  B = Approximately 1 Billion Valentine’s Day cards are purchased and sent or hand delivered in worldwide.  When you include all the Valentine’s card exchanges at school, the number exceed 2 Billion annually.
4.  B = Lucy from is known for selling psychiatric help for 5¢ a session.  However, in the
1975 classic Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown she sells handmade Valentine’s cards.
5.  A = In Roman Mythology Cupid is the son of Venus, who fell in love with the human princess Psyche against Venus’ wishes.  But unlike Romeo & Juliet of English literature,
Cupid & Psyche had a happy ending.
6.  C =  The Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, is said to have scratched herself on the thorns of a white rose as she rushed to comfort her lover, Adonis, and he immortal blood is believed to have stained the flower red forever.
~ A bit of extra trivia – Florists Transworld Delivery which later became FTD, began their  delivery service in 1910 which is to believed to be the start of the floral delivery industry. Over $1.8 billion is spent annually for Valentine’s Day flower delivery.
7.  D = According to The History Channel website, the true history of Saint Valentine’s has been lost.  It may be one of these stories or several others.
8.  B = Although, cocoa beans were originally used as currency, not to buy love, chocolate is an aphrodisia, and Cadbury did create the first heart shaped box, since the Mayan era chocolate has always been a symbol of special occasions and celebrations.
9.  C = who knows if this polls is correct, but according the Cosmopolitan cologne andClaudette Bras
grooming supplies is the top gift that we give the special men in our life for Valentine’s Day.
~  Remember – The Real Men’s original tee is free with your $50 order through February 15th.
10.  D = Lingerie is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day whether you receive it from  your special someone or you buy it for yourself.  What you pick out depends on your mood ~ romantic & sensual?  You can’t go wrong with our Peony Silk Chemise; flirty & carefree?  The Zinnia ultrasoft mesh cami & panty set is your style; feeling wild & adventurous?  The Dessous bra by Claudette will tickle your fancy.  Whatever your mood, Real Girls has some Valentine’s Day lingerie for you.

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