THE HOLLY JOLLY PIN-PARTY – A Pinterest Party to Celebrate the Holidays

2012 has been the year of Pinterest.

With the holiday season upon us, Real Girls wanted to celebrate the essence of the holiday season.  The part of what Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza & New Years are really about – loved ones, family traditions, charity, religion.

Real Girls wanted a way our community could express what they loved about the holiday season without all that retail mumbo jumbo.  To do this, what better way than to use one of the hot new interent looks and have a Pinterest Party so we can all “see” what the holidays mean to each other.

The Holly Jolly Pin Party was born:

Between December 1 – 15, 2012, we invite everyone to pin things that make the holidays special to them.  See the board at:  The board is already getting so many wonderful pins already! Desserts! Kittens!

If you haven’t already received an invitation to be a contributor please follow the board or email us at

One of our lucky pinners will win a $50 gift card for Real Girls- (see rules).  Need ideas? Visit our other Real Girls Pinterest boards.

Interested in having your own pinterest party: 

There are several ways to hold a pinterest party:
-  There is the method that Real Girls is using to allow contributors to access one of our boards.
-  Another method is to ask pinners to create a special board on their own pinterest site
-  And some people even have: real parties, you know the old fashion kind where you all are in the same physical room, and you do a craft or other project that you take pictures of and add to a specific board.

Real Girls will be having other Pinterest events in 2013.  Follow along and I hope you have fun pinning with Real Girls:

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