How the Real Girls Peony Chemise was named

The Real Girls Peony Collection is named for the Peony flower.  Peony is pronounced pee-oh-nee.  It’s a lush, densely ruffled blossom in colors of reds, whites, pink

Peony Silk Chemise

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and lavender.   The flower has lush, densely ruffled blossoms that are have silk-like petals.  They are considered luscious and lovely.  It is believed that secrets or mysteries are held in the tight clustered blossom.

In the language of flowers, the peony means riches and honor.  It is a traditional symbol of China.  In 1903, the Qing Dynasty named the peony the national flower; although, modern-day China no longer recognized a national flower.  Since 1953, the peony has been the state flower of Indiana.

In the language of love, the peony embraces romance and prosperity.  It is regarded as a sign of good fortune and a happy marriage.  It is often considered the “king of flowers” and a metaphor for female beauty and reproduction.  It is the named flower of the 12th wedding anniversary.  The flower is also a symbol of peace.

The peony has been around for thousands of years and has its place in mythology.  The Peony was named for Paeon, a physician. Poor Paeon made the mistake of getting caught up in a feud between two gods. Paeon healed Pluto’s wounds after a fight with
another god using a plant found on the slopes of Mount Olympus. As a result, Paeon made an deadly enemy of the opponent god, but was saved from the fate of dying as other mortals, by being turned into the very same plant which Paeon had used to heal the first god.

Other legends believe the flowers glow in the dark during full moons.

The Real Girls Peony Collection is made of charmeuse silk, luscious and lovely just like the peony.  The Peony Chemise also embraces beauty, romance, and a sense of

Real Girls lingerie

My mom, Eva

mystery.  Our collection offers a few more colors than you will find in nature – ice blue, midnight, pink floral and dotted taupe.

Real Girls adopted the name Peony as a way to honor my mom, Eva, who passed away prior to the founding of Real Girls.  The peony is one of my mom’s favorite flowers.

- This article was adopted from information from, & other online sources.

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