Earth Day Impacts Everyone Including Real Girls

Earth Day 2012, celebrated on Sunday April 22, marks 42 years of celebrating the earth.  Since 1970 there have been major advances and how we, the people, care for the planet.  Then, the norm was to drive a gas guzzling v8.  Today you see hybrids, electric, and bio-diesel fuel derived from left over French-fry oil  vehicles on every street.  And when there is a single car on the road with poor emissions, we notice (unfortunately, it happened to me twice this week).

It used to be that environment improvements were focused solely on large industrial plants and machinery.  Now it’s in our daily lives.

  • Children are learning about the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – The 3 Rs song as soon as they learn to talk by singing along with Jack Johnson.
  • Much of the scrapbooking industry is built upon the concept of Upcycling.Silk Fabric Upcycled  Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.  Just like Real Girls does by turning our scrap fabrics into hair ties and other craft & art items.
  • Almost everyone now has a recycling bin at their house and many communities require you to reclaim paper, plastic, and glass.

Earth Day events are happening this weekend all over the United States and 192 other counties.  To find events in your neighborhood, use the or your favorite search engine.

Real Girls celebrates Earth Day everyday of the year.  We recycle 90% of all of our trash.  We rely on technology to save trees.  Recycled paper is used for order processing.  Just like you do at home, we turn off the lights when not in the room and make sure the faucet is not dripping.  All these things help!

Real Girls takes this same approach when developing our intimate apparel and other products.  We use natural products like silk and cotton.  Items are sewn using quality craftsmanship to last.  And the timeless designs do not go out of style allowing you to keep the items.

Sarah's Home Grown ArtichokeAlthough,  this weekend we will take a little extra time to think about ways to make our environment better, it’s nice to know that in since Earth Day began in 1970, thinking of our planet is no longer a once a year occasion.

I’m going to celebrate by having a pesticide-free artichoke direct from my backyard.  YUMMY!

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